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1.4 TJet & MultiAir

1.4 TJet & MultiAir

A complete induction kit for the following Alfa Romeo and Fiat/Abarth vehicles, that are equipped with...

Citroen C2 induction kit

Citroen C2 induction kit

Proven to be THE BEST on the market, a complete induction kit for the Citroen C2 petrol. This kit is...

Twin Spark corregated hose

Twin Spark corregated hose

A direct replacement silicone hose for the nearly impossible to get corregated hose in between the throttle...

Welcome to Torque7

Welcome to the official GSR Induction kit (air intake revision) store!

TORQUE 7 LTD is a UK based international company, which currently is the only official distributor of GSR Engineering products. We not only distribute and sell such time proven GSR products like GSR Induction kits and water hoses, but we also constantly invest into new product development and range widening.

Our goal is to provide such products, that not only will increase the performance of your vehicle, but will make it more efficient as well!

Recently we moved our production facility outside UK, over to Lithuania. This was a major longterm process that is still not finnished completely. However, the new facility already produces some most popullar kits and better yet - they are made within one week! So no more long waiting times for your orders.

Have a look at the products that we offer as well as some interesting information about them. 


26/11/2014 - Good/Bad news: The good news is that wery soon there will be huge changes in our web store - we will add a completely new product line, we will have most of the available products in stock and ready to be dispatched within 24 hours from the moment you place your order. In addition, we will bring back most of the already known and popular GSR induction kits that were temporary unavailable.

However, for these changes to be present we will have to shut the production line down from the 1st of December until 12th of January 2015. This will be required for upgrading/maintaining the production facility and for new product development/testing.

Feel free to contact us regarding the currently offered products, as we still take pre-orders for January for most of the current kits.

02/02/2014 - Fiat/Alfa 1.4L Multiair kits are now available along with kits for Tjets!
02/02/2014 - Great news for those of you who live outside UK! Postage prices have been lowered by more than half! - now postage to any EU country is only £10 (previously £35), and postage to any other country outside EU is only £15 (previously £55). That's up to £40 discount!!! Take advantage of it!
16/11/2013 - First induction kit made in our new production facility is now offered for sale - it's the highly demanded C2 kit! The production time has now been decresed to only a week! Order yours now!

02/11/2013 - First product made in our new production facility is already being featured in our webstore! No more long waiting time for this - from 11th of November it will always be in stock!

24/10/2013 - The checkout for induction kits has been disabled. We are temporary stopping silicone production due to relocation of premisses. Also please note, that response to emails will be slower. We will try to answer all questions  within 48 hours. Thank you for understanding.

03/06/2013 - Our webstore has been merged with our site! This means everything can be found in one place, at
However, the old link is not available anymore. Sorry for any inconveniences.

30/05/2013Webstore and website merging process started! Updated product list and categories!

11/03/2013 -
Selection of BLUE is once again available in stock!!!